Sunday, July 25, 2010

There's No Place to Invest Capital

“If you look at financial markets, say, look at how much the Treasury is paying to borrow today, there is a lot of confidence, not just of Americans but investors around the world, that we’re going to find the political way to do it,” Geithner said. “There’s no alternative for us. We’ll be able to do that.”

So that's the optimistic spin on the U.S. Federal deficits and stagnating economy. Bloomberg spins the facts by beginning their title with "Deficits Don't Matter...".

From our point of view, the historical low yield on U.S. Treasury debt in the face of record high deficits indicates the investment world is saying the global economy is so bad there's no place to invest capital with any hope of getting a good yield -- might as well bury it in the back yard until some opportunity presents itself.

If you're unemployed, you better start thinking about how you can start your own business, because Corporate America obviously isn't going to do it for you.

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