Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Treasury

Looks like the United States Government is officially over it's debt ceiling limit. More interestingly, the world financial system hasn't come crashing down [yet]. Here are a few excerpts from today's Publication of Daily Treasury Statements. A footnote on page 7 informs us:
* Act of February 4, 2013 temporarily suspended the debt limit through May 18, 2013.
We find that rather funny in itself. Did anyone (even in Congress) actually know they voted to pretend we don't have a statutory debt limit? <waiving parts=hands>Ignore that, look over here.</waving> Moving along now, just above that line we are given an important piece of information:
Statutory Debt Limit    *    *    *    $ 16,394,000
Ok, I hope you aren't laughing yet, because here comes the real punch line. Just above that informative piece in the column labeled 'Closing balance today':
Total Public Debt
   Subject to Limit        $ 16,710,017
If you aren't accustomed to high finance and really big concepts like "national debt", look carefully at the two numbers. Which one is bigger, the statutory limit or today's closing balance?

Yes indeed boys and girls, your illustrious leaders have blasted right on past the national debt limit and spent an extra $316 BILLION of your hard earned money. And of course we are to believe they'll have it all fixed before May 18th

If you have access to this article on a smartphone, you might want to bookmark it and pull it out when some cop pulls you over for speeding. Showing her the details, assure her with, "It's ok officer, our federal government has provided precedence for putting aside the rule of law for the expediencies of the day." Then present your expediency and assure here no one is harmed by your driving, so you should both just go on your way as you'll be complying with the speed limit tomorrow after you've had time to fix things.

I mean seriously, you've just read this and that's exactly what you are going to do, right? No harm, no foul, screw the law. It's a dumb law anyway.

For more fun, mark your calendar to watch the security markets in the third week of May. Option expiration for May is on the 17th. You might want to buy those June puts now while they are cheap.

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