Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Risk, Risk, Everywhere

We try to avoid sending our readers to anything that smacks as an advertisement to sell newsletters, but sometimes the questions are relevant enough to justify addressing them head on, even if there is a sales pitch in there. Fortunately John Mauldin not only has a good pulse on the global investment community, but any sales pitch in his material is minimal compared to the content.

So with that, we point out some serious questions and concerns he addressed in a recent email which we happen to agree with. One might ask, how can you not agree with observations from the real world? Right, well, some do, so we just want to point that out.

From John's survey of readers, he concludes:

When everything is manipulated... you don't know the TRUE value of anything, right?

The Fed-driven fixed interest rates are breaking the backs of retirees (or near retirees), who find their nest eggs dwindling unless they take larger investment risks.

And the growing federal debt and the resulting "true" inflation is eating away at investors' capital.

They see interest rate risk, inflation risk, central bank and currency debasement risk, confiscatory tax rates... and bonds on life support, running out of air.

src: How to Find REAL in a World Full of FAKE

Stocks, Bonds, and Currencies doesn't agree with everything said or implied by John Mauldin or Grant Williams, but they have a long-standing reputation that justifies considering some of what they say. If you take a look at the video, come on back and tell us what you think.

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