Monday, July 6, 2009

Follow up on Fed Funds

Late in June we pointed out the Fed Funds market rates were rising, and had actually hit the upper limit of the target range. It appears to have been a normal month end, if not quarter-end, phenomena. Since then, fed funds have fallen back to the teens.

We can see from the Term Securities Lending Facility Options Program (TOP) that collateral pressures are expected at quarter-end dates (emphasis added).

The program is intended to enhance the effectiveness of TSLF (Term Securities Lending Facility) by offering added liquidity over periods of heightened collateral market pressures, such as quarter-end dates.
However, we can see also from the historical data that the TOPS program started out heavily over-subscribed, but has in the last two offerings been under subscribed. This is consistent with our June 16th observation that credit conditions have significantly improved.

We don't mean to imply the world economy is robust and healthy, but as Hussman often points out, we will take the facts as they come and adjust our opinions accordingly.

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