Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gold analysis at Seeking Alpha

Jake Towne has done an excellent job analyzing gold prices in Unlocking the Money Matrix: Gold Price Suppression. This deserves a careful review, especially by gold owners.

A first pass over this essay impressed us as the author uses many references to government and official documents. If we understand this correctly, the gold price is "managed" by central banks today, Paul Volker made a big mistake not to do likewise, and they won't make the same mistake this time until such time as their holdings preclude them from success. This premise is strengthened by a reference to a central bank research paper advocating just such a policy decades ago.

Someone pointed out months ago we don't have to worry about gold confiscation in the 21st century since it isn't the basis for money any more. This article suggests that even though that's true, the price of gold is the basis for psychology and fear in the populace, and that is something "they" certainly do need to control -- all nations, not just the U.S.

So it's interesting to consider how long they can succeed at controlling the price of gold, and what will they do when they no longer can?

There was also an interesting reference to replacing the many foreign currencies with just a few. This reminds us of the speech at the Council on Foreign Relations we pointed out last month advocating for fewer international currencies.

We don't believe in conspiracy theories (i.e. specific global planned and orchestrated events), but we do believe in a finite and very small universe of ideas. With billions of people and hundreds of thousands of leaders in government and business, it's not surprising for ideologies (like those at the CFR speeches) to hold sway over many powerful people who either intentionally or coincidentally align their actions to support the premises behind the conspiracies. Much like blogs and analysis hold sway over investor actions and move stocks, bonds, and currency prices in particular directions.

Mr. Towne has done an excellent job of research. What we now need is equally excellent peer review of the hard data. Please post your analysis as it comes in.

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