Friday, May 21, 2010

PIIGS - Propped Up By Hope

Maybe Governor Daniel K. Tarullo's testimony to Congress helped the stock market sell off yesterday. There's nothing better than a federal official making an official proclamation that "Europe is still in trouble, and it can mess up the U.S.,too. We don't expect another U.S. bank crisis, but ya never know!" That, of course, was a paraphrase. Actually, the direct quote was
...holding out hope that further financial disruptions can be averted
There ya go, Europe is propped up by hope!

Too bad the fed can't just get involved in more swap markets. Their excess profits are returned back to the US Treasury, and the last crisis not only earned $5.8 billion in interest on forex swaps alone, but cut the cost of federal funding from the flight to dollars.

It's good business being a central bank.
Over the life of the previous temporary swap program (from December 2007 to February 2010), all swaps were repaid in full, and the Federal Reserve earned $5.8 billion in interest. Finally, the Federal Reserve bears no market pricing risk in these drawings.

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