Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apparently the way to make money in publishing the news is to have a good database of past stories so you can paste the new name of the next story into your old copy. The folks over at MarketWatch appear to have taken the stories about the Greek debt crisis and replaced "Greece" with "Cyprus"

Seriously, don't these claims and fears sound familiar? To us it sounds like the same thing we read about when Iceland, Ireland, and Greece were set to destroy the E.U. and bring the global economy down with it.

"The problems may be worse than imagined, requiring changes to the bailout or making it unworkable."

"... the effect of capital controls ... will mean a prolonged recession which will make it impossible for [name_of_country] to meet its targets and repay its bailout debt..."

"the guarantee [plan_detail] is from the insolvent [name_of_country] government"

"...allocating losses to investors and bondholders may prove challenging in practice."

Source: 7 reasons Cyprus is more important than you think

Yup. Been there, done that. Time to go buy more high-yield bonds while the prices are cheap [again].

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